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Yale University Elects 1st Ever Black Student Body President


Yale University was founded in 1701 and is the third-oldest institute of higher learning in the United States. It is one of the nine Colonial Colleges, founded prior to the United States becoming a sovereign nation following the American Revolution. In its 318-year history, the college has never had a black student body president—until now.

Kahlil Green is a junior and a native of Montgomery County, Md. He made history earlier this month when his classmates elected him head of the Yale College Council, the student body organization founded in 1972 to address undergraduate concerns and campus issues at the university.

The economics and political science major told Fox 5 that he is considering a career in politics. This should put him off to a great start.

“I feel like I wanted to kind of amplify the voices of the underserved communities on campus, especially students of color. So being the first black president, I feel like I’m in a position where I can really do that,” Green said.

When asked if he feels pressure being the first black president, Green told Fox 5, “In a way, but I feel like it more so symbolizes the progress the university has made over the years for the journey that we still have ahead of us. So I think that we can be a more diverse and inclusive campus, and I’m grateful for the role that I’ll have in making it happen.”

It still boggles the mind that we continue to experience these “firsts” in the 21st century, but there is a certain amount of pride tied to seeing a black man do this.

Good on you, Kahlil Green. Good on you.

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