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Going to College

Finding Your Best Fit

Find the College that fits Nowadays you have so many options! Colleges and universities across the globe offer so many alternative ways of education and I’m not just talking about online-based education, but the kind of education that

College Interviews

College Interviews: The Basics The college interview is a part of the college application process at many colleges — but not all of them. You may meet in person to talk with someone from the admission office, a current student or a

Students With Disabilities

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) The SSD program provides support services, specialized instruction, and educational accommodations to students with disabilities so that they can participate as fully and benefit as

Visiting A College?

Strategies for Parents Taking Their High School Child on the Road for Campus Visits Parents of high school juniors everywhere are gearing up to hit the road over spring break to visit colleges of interest to their teenagers. While